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From the minute kids are born, they begin to develop immunity to common pathogens like colds and flu. But what about uncommon pathogens? Many of the uncommon illnesses that used to regularly affect children – like measles – aren’t as easily fought by a young body’s immune system. That’s where vaccines come into play. Vaccines can boost your child’s ability to develop an immunity to an illness. Because there is competing information out there about whether vaccines are good or bad, having the facts can help you make the decision that’s right for protecting your child.

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Why Vaccines are Important

What if there were scientifically proven ways to save your child’s life. What would you do?

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How Vaccines Work

When something is bad, we want to get rid of it. Especially when what’s bad is a disease. Getting rid of that is more than important. It’s life-saving.

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Vaccine Ingredients

So what’s in a vaccine? What’s included is backed by research and is vital to keep your child healthy. Learn about ingredients.

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Vaccine Side Effects

A little soreness. A slight fever. Maybe a hint of swelling. These all go away within days. Learn more about possible vaccine side-effects.

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